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Gaia is now shouting!

(this is a follow on blog of author’s musings for contemplation)The macrocosm reflects the microcosm.As above, so below.Our outer world mirrors our inner world. What if Mother Earth has a nervous system? She’s a living organism so isn’t it possible or even probable? What if Mother Earth has become so overwhelmed from being triggered into the fright […]

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The Grace of Water

With drought and fires ravaging our beloved country (and when you think about it drought is also a result of excessive fire element) and causing the suffering of native animals and livestock, the loss of homes and livelihoods, and most devastatingly treasured human life, let’s tap into the water element and its qualities.  Water element is […]

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Weight loss eating plan

  A gastric surgeon recently recommended on national television that skipping breakfast is key to losing weight.   I wonder if he’s tired of stapling stomachs, creating bypasses, sucking kilos of fat cells (or whatever other services he provides), and having repeat customers in his office or on his operating table?    Due to the […]

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Tred Mindfully

As I start to move into the next chapter of my life – I find I’m taking stock. It seems for as long as forever, my unconscious life has been predetermined by others expectations… and some would say life is predestined anyway…   Your childhood moulds you with its experience: good – bad – indifferent; […]

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