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DharmaCALM – for your MIND

The second tier in the Dharma Wellness series to enrich the body, mind and spirit.

Whether you need help de-stressing, coping with anxiety, lifting higher with depression or managing other emotions such as anger and grief, solutions become clearer when the mind becomes quiet.

If you want to experience a more peaceful life, consider joining this 6 week wellness course. We will explore an integrated program using mindfulness and meditation techniques, yogic science, Ayurvedic wisdom, therapeutic essential oils and other natural healing tools to create a calmness of the mind... all with the intention of allowing the nervous system to shift into rest and digest phase, allowing space to find peace within the storm.

Learn to harness the mind, it is a tool - not the boss.

You don't need to have any yoga experience - the poses and practices will be thoroughly explained and suitable for beginners, and shared from a Trauma Aware perspective. The specific asanas are practiced to help create ease in the physical body so you can sit in increased comfort for your mind connection.

Let's move towards calm. This is where transformation can happen!


 Nov 2017 


I realised "stress management" is manageable by doing little things every day. I loved the meditations, and learning about Ayurveda.

The biggest impact of AH-HA moment for me and my mind was acceptance, sending love out to all, and the importance of self-care.


 Nov 2017 


I feel that this course was just the tip of the iceberg for the change coming and happening for me.

I plan to do the course again at some stage so it sinks in more. As for now, my lightbulb moment was that I need to let things be , to let them go. 

I loved the whole course! 

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