Gaia is now shouting! – ShreeDharma

Gaia is now shouting!

The macrocosm reflects the microcosm.

As above, so below.

Our outer world mirrors our inner world.

What if Mother Earth has a nervous system? She's a living organism so isn't it possible or even probable?

What if Mother Earth has become so overwhelmed from being triggered into the fright response where the signs indicating that she was struggling to maintain balance went unheeded, that now the fight response is the only way of getting our attention that things HAVE TO CHANGE?

Consider all the fallout that occurred with the industrial age - the Murray suffered from agriculture demands, the mines not only digging up elements but draining dry the underground water supplies? The stopping or controlling the water flow to make developments on lands that were floodplains and fed other eco-systems?

Our miraculous human bodies have amazing abilities for self healing when given the right environment. But if we ignore the signs that our health is suffering, illness and disease will set in, and even pre-mature death will eventuate if we don't take the necessary health promoting steps. Isn't this the same for our earth? Mother Nature is powerful and has the same healing abilities when given the opportunity. 

With the shift in awareness away from patriarchy, even rebellion against domination of the power hungry and greedy ways, is this emergency a warning sign that the structure of how business is done, and countries are run, needs to evolve? That it's not serving our survival when we sacrifice Mother Nature for the financial gains of a small minority? 

Just like the practices of banks being held to account, the structures of churches stood exposed, the care facilities going under the microscope, is this the only way Mother Nature can get her message across to the world that it's time for us all to make integrity and care of others our priority and our default - that self serving is no longer the driving force of life? Is Australia's current emergency the canary in the coal mine?

Living in harmony with care and appreciation for all is the revolution. Mother Earth is telling us to WAKE UP. It is time for the 'Avatar' way of life - for compassion and gratitude in service of others and for the well-being of all as a collective. It's time for a revolutionary act.

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