How Yoga, Meditation & Essential Oils Can Help?


​​Are you a Self-Managed or Plan Managed participant of the NDIS?

You may be entitled to access Yoga, Meditation and Essential Oils programs and services that can help:

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    ​Calm the mind ​and promote clear, positive thinking.
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    ​Settle the emotions​ so you don't react and get triggered so easily.
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    Improve your sleep and get better quality rest and recuperation.
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    Improve body balance and physical co-ordination - build core strength.

Offering opportunities to meet goals for health & wellbeing, to inspire conscious actions and positive interactions, through programs under the innovation community participation framework.

Yoga Programs for Individuals


Personally tailored yoga and mindfulness/meditation sessions and programs for young people and adults who would like one-on-one attention and focus sessions, all provided in your home.

Various focuses and benefits:

  • ​​flexibility and strength
  • learning relaxation skills
  • ​posture
  • ​concentration
  • ​establishing excellent physical and mental health
  • ​coordination
  • ​body awareness
  • ​self confidence
  • ​self esteem​​​​


Duration:  Eight Weeks

Session one is a comprehensive assessment and history review, followed by six sessions of yoga and mindfulness provided in your home (or local park if you prefer) - lasting 45-60 minutes, lasering in on the areas identified and where you are wanting support.

These sessions are also structured in collaboration with your healthcare providers such as physiotherapist, occupational therapist and other relevant professionals.

Session eight is a review of the progress, along with the handouts provided, and to assess if any further sessions are required or necessary.

A report is supplied at the end of the 8 session block.

Ongoing engagement is also available, depending on availability.

Investment:   One off session $150,  Block of Eight (8) $880

Servicing Bundaberg and Bargara.  Able to travel to neighbouring areas (travel as per NDIS regulations).


We can't believe what a difference the yoga with Sheralee has made in such a short time. 

Not only is Amy sleeping more soundly - but the biggest change has been her balance and walking. 

So much change I can't believe it!!

 Amy (early 20's) & Jo 

 client & her mum 

I was so scared of starting yoga with Sheralee as I had never done yoga before, and I hadn't been able to trust my body since the accident. I actually had to take extra anxiety medication!


Now, I'm so glad I've started and I really notice my body seizing up when I have to miss a session or two. 

The best part is the end - I <3 Shavasana!! I can't usually relax but this really helps me to feel calm.  

 Ashlee (20's) 

Bring Fun to the Whole Family...


For kids from 4-16 years and their parents/caregivers. Suitable for people at any level of fitness or flexibility.

Classes are fun, joyful and inclusive, with family members encouraged to participate according to their ability and different body types.

Fantastic for:-

  • ​​flexibility and strength
  • learning relaxation skills
  • ​posture
  • ​concentration
  • ​establishing excellent physical and mental health
  • ​coordination
  • ​body awareness
  • ​self confidence
  • ​self esteem​​​​


Duration:  Five Weeks

Four sessions of yoga and mindfulness in your home - sessions last 45-60 minutes.

Session five is a review of the progress and learnings of your child, and to assess if any further sessions are required or necessary.

Investment: $600

Online Programs for
Health & Wellness

A selection of wellness courses are available for those who would like help and guidance, and prefer to be independent.

Also a wonderful way of helping the carers and other family members to get their needs met as well.

Check out the menu of programs on offer.


​To breathe life's potential into the children and young people by Strengthening them physically, 

Nurturing them emotionally,

Challenging them intellectually,

Uplifting them spiritually...

all in a loving, accepting and playful way!

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​Offering yoga, meditation and empowering sessions for children, teens and young people who have experienced challenges yet choose to use these life lessons to grow stronger... and their family members who support their goal to achieve warrior status.

All about your provider... Sheralee O'brien

​     Sheralee has 21 years experience as a Clinical Registered Nurse... specialising in Paediatrics & Child Protection.  ​She is passionate about serving children and families in the local community. 

     By combining ​modern medicine, ​with years of yoga teaching, training in Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching, Trauma Aware Yoga, Kids Yoga and other tools, she draws on a comprehensive knowledge base to create programs suitable for your child's needs, ​that also benefit the whole family!

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She is more alert, emotionally more stable and far happier.

Young Living oils have changed my life and the lives of my family, for the better.

My 7 year old daughter has gone from waking 5-6 times a night to sleeping through 3-4 times per week.

She is more alert, emotionally more stable and far happier.

We have had years of medical assistance since her birth, with a strong focus on sleep, with results less concrete than that which we have experienced since we started using these oils.

I can’t thank Sheralee enough for the difference she has made to my daughter and to my family in general!


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