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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are subtle, volatile, concentrated liquids distilled from plants, flowers, trees and roots; and are the life blood of the plant with very similar chemical structure to human blood.

How to use Essential Oils in your life

Using therapeutic grade essential oils is a wonderful, natural form of healing. They can help to maintain optimum health. Essential oils have been found to be powerful aids for managing stress, coping with upheavals and improving overall physical, emotional and mental well-being.

On Your Body

Essential Oils can be used on your body either in massage or applied to specific locations such as reflex points on the feet or directly to the area of pain or concern.

When topically applied to the skin, essential oils are absorbed and can travel throughout the body in a matter of minutes.

In Your Body

Therapeutic grade essential oils can be used in cooking to add extraordinary flavour to your dishes.

​Some oils can also be used internally - adding just 1-2 drops in water or to capsules for potent internal cleansing and healing benefits.

Use them in a diffuser to inhale the healing properties through your olfactory system.

In Your Home

Are you are concerned about the toxic chemicals in your household cleaning products?  Rid your home of these nasty poisons and protect your family and their environment by switching to natural, plant based cleaning.

Use on surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, use in the laundry for powerful stain removal.  Diffuse in the air to eliminate odours and purify the air you breathe.

​What type of Products are available from Young Living?

Young Living has a product to meet your needs. The whole range is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure you are only using the world’s best.  Achieve improved health by incorporating these natural health giving products into your daily life.

  • ​Therapeutic grade essential oils and oil blends
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  • leaf
    ​Cleaning products

There is bound to be more than one product you would love to try and 

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