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The Grace of Water

With drought and fires ravaging our beloved country (and when you think about it drought is also a result of excessive fire element) and causing the suffering of native animals and livestock, the loss of homes and livelihoods, and most devastatingly treasured human life, let's tap into the water element and its qualities. 

Water element is a container for fire element. An imbalance in the elements, of which forms everything on earth, is a warning sign that Mother Earth is struggling. Whether you believe in climate change or not, the results are we suffer when the earth suffers. 

Water is the driving force of nature –

Leonardo Da Vinci

Of course, we definitely know the effects of the lack of water. And some may think that water is pretty weak in its influence and effects but reflect on the annoyance of a dripping tap, on how water was used as a weapon in wartime, and many know firsthand the extreme effects of water during floods. The consistent movement of water causes change, even if it’s only moving gently. The wisdom of water is its incredible strength, it carves rock and shapes the entire earth, but without force.

The water element is the principle of cohesion. Water wants to move in the path of least resistance. It wants to settle, come to tranquility, to rest. Water seeks the lowest point and sinks down into it. It wants to flow without restriction.

Water is what we use for cleansing on the outside and inside. In the body, the water element derives nourishment and emerges as growth. Water element cools, moistens, adheres, soothes, softens, smooths, dulls and spreads. It is essential for our survival with our bodies comprised of over 70% water, we can only survive a few days without it. This mirrors the earth’s water content too. Quality and quantity is a focus for water throughout the entire world.

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry -Thomas Fuller

Water is fluidly and flowing. It can shape-change and is influenced by other forces – transforms to ice (solid) or vapour (air). Water element allows for adaptation to all of life’s changes, challenges and stresses. Like the flow of water, a balanced state empowers us to govern emotions, rather than letting emotions govern us.

Water element also regulates lubrication and connection, protecting the body and mind from the destructive nature of wind and fire elements. When we express free-flowing water element, we connect easily to others. Emotionally we feel content, express ourselves calmly and smoothly, and allow things to “roll off our back.”

With water element, the well runs deep. An imbalance in water element can show up as fear, panic attacks, phobias, stress and anxiety, feeling overwhelmed or drained of motivation. Water element governs the hips, so when our connection to water element falters, our hips can be weak or very tight.

When balanced, you trust in the flow of life. You are full of vigour, motivation and flow around obstacles with a skillful balance of effortlessness and determination. The water energy enables us to act effectively in regard to a problem despite emotional responses, from a place of stable clarity, and to continue to advance or retreat appropriately. To act consciously, rather than react unconsciously. Allowing feelings to be there, without suppressing or indulging them.

Reflect on:

  • How can you be more fluid and flexible? Do you know when to surrender?
  • Are you making choices which deplete your energy, or allowing spaces to replenish and revitalize your system?
  • Where are you experiencing 'stuckness' and would benefit from shifting to 'go with the flow' more?

How does water bring life to your inner world? How do you delight in water's qualities and its ability to make you buoyant, weightless, to float and splash and be playful? Be aware and honourable in your use of water, treasure it and have gratitude for its gifts.

Earth provides Structure

Fire facilitates Transformation

Water encourages Conformability

With conscious awareness, we can do our part to set intention and influence cosmic energy. Let’s call in the lifeblood for mother nature and her occupants for what we want, not focusing on what we don’t want. Call in the water element and allow it to flow in and around and through your thoughts and experiences. Imagine the sound and smell and feeling as gentle soaking rains fall on thirsty lands. Celebrate its qualities and embody these into your way of life. Then send them into your vortex so others benefit, and mother earth can relax into the graceful gifts of water.

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