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United against a threat

Do I need to pinch myself? Is one of my wildest dreams coming true?

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought the world to a halt, giving us a wake-up call about how we take our health for granted.

With western, modern, mainstream medicine pulling all the punches it can with managing the fallout - focused on our respiratory systems being compromised and the actions of ventilators to get us through to the other side, as well as working on a vaccine with an ETA of 12-18 months.

So in the thick of this, with many countries being stretched with their resources and those succumbing to this threat increasing in overwhelming numbers every day, the same western medicine practitioners are releasing YouTube after YouTube sharing what we can do to help ourselves.

And this is why I’m excited – they are now acknowledging in these very public forums that the traditional, ancient, eastern practices have a place in boosting our health, mainly that of our immune systems. 

  • There are doctors teaching breathing techniques (thanks Yoga – with a 5000 year history)…
  • some advocating to increase Vit C, Vit B, Vit A and Vit D along with Zinc (thanks Naturopathy – you've been around since the 16th century).
  • There are those sharing that ‘food is thy medicine’ and to increase the use of herbs such as thyme, oregano, basil, cilantro in your daily diet, add lemon to your water (thanks Ayurveda with 5000 years of practice)...
  • and others saying get outside and move your bodies (which we know the lymphatic system needs as it doesn’t have a pump of its own like the heart) – that the fresh air, the physicality, the sunshine is all required for mental and physical wellness.
  • And there has even been a call out to meditate, pray or whatever contemplative practice you choose for mental stability (thanks yoga again!)

When all this is said and done, and we get to the other side, I truly hope that integrating these ancient complementary practices which are steeped deep in history and have a lot of research coming to light about their benefits, become mainstream. That not only have the public and private health care systems joined together during the crisis here in Australia but also the uniting of allopathic and traditional can also be a collaborative team.

Integrative Medicine has already been the way for some time in other more open and enlightened countries and this would be a massive step forward for Australia, for the promotion of wellness of our peoples. 

Is this developed and amazing country finally coming to the light? Our doctors all swear the same oath when graduating - do they really know and believe in the words they are reciting?